Hey guys!! It's finally summer and its all I've been waiting for honestly. Finals were a bummer and left me drained, so I had to take a vacation with my friends to MIAMI!!!!! Actually not just Miami lol, its Florida but the title was catchy. I remember 2 years ago when I just got my [...]


Shooting with Honey

Hi guys so, I decided to go for a photoshoot cause I'm working more on that these days. I'll be honest, I've shot in the location before but the ideas were entirely different. The first time I did the shoot, I lost the photos, so I decided to re-do it. Sadly, I have not done [...]

Cascade Falls Hike

This weekend, I went hiking the Cascade Falls with Billy and Abigail. Through out the whole hike, Billy was making crazy jumps across rocks and trees. We reached the top and I saw him run across some rocks to the centre of the pool of water. He returned and I thought it will be pretty [...]


A day in the City

Hey guys, I visited the city for the first time in a while with my friends, Austin and Jun(Btw check out their instagram pages @juny_0 and @ascherby) and well we decided to make history happen lol. It was really fun tbh cause I was very sick just the day before. So, this was a chance [...]


Jungle Justice

Hey guys, I'm back after my one month disappearance. Had to work on some undercover mission in Iraq. Anyways, back in my early days as a secret agent, I came across these two lovely people, Etareh and Sola. Urm so yeah we shot this obviously in the rocky terrains of the cold war. Hope you [...]


Diplo/Major Lazer Concert

Hey guys, its been ages since I last blogged. This is due to the fact that school is merciless to us. So anyways, I was able to attend a Diplo Concert  arranged by Victoria's Secret, so I decided to share the love and take some cool photos. Also attached, is a video with footages of [...]


Book Review – Love and God- Oyindamola Depo-Oyedokun

Well guys, this is a first time I'm reviewing a book but well, we all have first times. So, when I was told to give my review, I was so excited cause its a big deal to be considered but then when I read the book I was like "for sure, I'm a star" cause [...]