Hey guys!! It's finally summer and its all I've been waiting for honestly. Finals were a bummer and left me drained, so I had to take a vacation with my friends to MIAMI!!!!! Actually not just Miami lol, its Florida but the title was catchy. I remember 2 years ago when I just got my [...]



10th may 2010 Dallas, TX  “Richard I called to ask if you saw my text. I sent you my house address” “Oh yeah about that, Christine I won’t be picking you up tonight” “Okay then I will drive down there myself then we will meet at the venue” “No. I’m going with someone else Christine” [...]

Diplo/Major Lazer Concert

Hey guys, its been ages since I last blogged. This is due to the fact that school is merciless to us. So anyways, I was able to attend a Diplo Concert  arranged by Victoria's Secret, so I decided to share the love and take some cool photos. Also attached, is a video with footages of [...]