Hey guys!! It’s finally summer and its all I’ve been waiting for honestly. Finals were a bummer and left me drained, so I had to take a vacation with my friends to MIAMI!!!!! Actually not just Miami lol, its Florida but the title was catchy. I remember 2 years ago when I just got my camera, the whole dream was for me to travel across the world over the years. Luckily, the college independent life permits me to go on my stealth travels lol. So, I hope to go on a lot more of these in the nearest future. I also am in my home country, Nigeria, and I will be blogging about it too!!

So, for this trip we set out to Tampa, Florida for the first half. Honestly, I decided to break a record by traveling by road for 19 hours lol. It was crazy guys and surprisingly I had so much energy after. Sadly, I wont be doing that again cause it was time consuming and scary at some points. I will say Tampa is a great place for you to stay quietly with your family and friends to have a great time. I also hear it has a great party life but i dunno lol. We went to the beach near Tampa called Clearwater. The sand was insanely soft but the beach was too busy and personally, I did not like it so much. Sadly I have no pictures because I foolishly carried the camera body and left the lens in my room lol. But we stopped by the highway to take some photos.


After Tampa, we set out to Miami. We stayed at a resort beside the beach and our view was lol, ” almost insane” cause it consisted of both the beach and the city. I remember waking up and seeing some dude on a pulley cleaning my window. It was awkward but funny lol. Asides that I feel it was a great hotel since our room was really big. We should have spent more time in Miami cause it was insane and the beach there was less busier than Tampa’s. I also got to see my friend from Virginia Tech and that made it more fun.



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