10th may 2010

Dallas, TX 

“Richard I called to ask if you saw my text. I sent you my house address”

“Oh yeah about that, Christine I won’t be picking you up tonight”

“Okay then I will drive down there myself then we will meet at the venue”

“No. I’m going with someone else Christine”

“Richard you can’t do this to me. Who the hell is she?”

“She’s my next girlfriend”

“WHAT???” I yelled with tears in my eye

“Listen Christine, I don’t want to say this but I’m going to. Me and you has to end”

“Wow Richard. Are you really doing this?”

“We said we will be honest with each other right? Well this is me being honest with you. I like someone else”

Newark, NJ

“Are you mad?” my mum shouted. I will kill you today. You bloody drunkard. Ode oshi!

“I am sorry Gbemi” he said. “Please don’t hit me” he pleaded before she interrupted his plea with a slap.

“It was the work of the devil. I was under the influence of Alcohol” he cried out in pain

“And I will chase that devil out of you. American fool!” she said. She pulled him by his ear to a chair. She took off his clothes and tied him to the chair. Without respect for his age, she started whipping him with her belt.

Bisola! Bisola! She yelled my name.

“Yes mummy” I said making my way quickly to where she was. “Bring me grinded pepper and a knife” she said.

“Please don’t do this to me. At least not in front of my daughter” he pleaded.

I came back with the pepper and knife and she gave him cuts on his arms and thighs. Then she carefully applied pepper to the cuts. He was screaming in pain. His white turned light red face was now blood red. The pepper was barely visible on his skin as it blended with the color of the blood from the cuts.

Tears filled my eyes as I watched my mum humiliate my dad while I couldn’t do anything. Why did she even marry him? Did she love him? Those were the questions I kept asking myself.

“What’s happening here” a voice from upstairs said.

A beautiful lady in a pink dress came down

‘Who are you and what are you doing here” my mum yelled. “Listen to me woman. GET OUT RIGHT NOW BEFORE I BEAT YOU UP” she threatened.

The lady ran out as fast as possible. Mum turned to dad and started shouting. “First, you gamble away all our money and next bring some ashawo to this house. O ti ku leni”

“She is my colleague from work” dad said.

I turned around to get water and I heard dad screaming. I looked back and couldn’t believe my eyes. Mum cut off his pennis. WHAT!!!!

Someone had to stop her. I called the police immediately. Dad was a living corpse by the time they arrived. He was rushed to the hospital and mum was arrested.

16th June 2010


Dallas, TX.

Christine I’m getting a divorce. I am tired. Your dad is cheating with a lady called nachor. He does it so openly these days. I wonder what’s so special about her” mum cried out.

I tried to explain to her. Dad wasn’t cheating, he was in love with nature and being an Indian man he pronounced it as nachor. This might sound ridiculous but the days he came home late he was either at the beach or a garden spending time with nature. Mum didn’t believe. She had her mind made up. Worse of all she said she wants to start a new family so she can’t take me along. Right after she left dad announced that he would be moving to the woods to be able to spend more time with nature. He promised to visit once every month. Could my life get any worse? A month ago my boyfriend broke up with me on prom night. My mum just walked out of my life and my dad is moving to the woods. I was so sad and had no one talk to. I never really had friends.

I needed to clear my head. I decided to take a walk. I had no destination but I was just walking. There was a pretty girl sitting along the road. She looked sad. I approached her to ask if she was alright and she said she wasn’t. I pulled her up and we walked together till we got to IHOP. She looked hungry. We placed our orders and started talking.

“My name is Bisola” she said. I told her I was Christine. I asked why she was out on the street. She began to narrate her story with tears in her eyes.

“After the police took my mum, my aunty told me to come to Texas to move in with her. Two weeks ago my mum died and I went to Nigeria to visit my relatives. The night I came back my aunty, Aunty Tope raped me. I had no one to tell. My mum was dead; my dad was still in the hospital. My dad’s family hated us. My mum grew up in a violent home. Her dad always beat her mum. So when my mum got married she promised to be in charge. She always shouted at my dad and even hit him sometimes. Luckily for her my dad was very calm so he always apologized to her even after she beats him. So you can’t blame them for hating us. This afternoon my auntie’s husband called me to his room to get him something, as I turned to get it he closed the door and started harassing me. I screamed for help and their son segun ran in. I thought he would save me but rather he and his father took turns in raping me. I couldn’t take it any longer. I ran away and I have nowhere to stay” she said wiping her tears.

I felt pity for her but I couldn’t blame them. She was a very beautiful girl with an amazing body. Although I had my own issues to deal with I had to help her. She was going through a lot more than I was. I offered to feed her, clothe her, provide her shelter and even pay for her university if she promises to always be there for me. I had nothing to lose from the deal. My dad was a billionaire with many companies across the world and since he moved to the woods he gave me access to all his property. I could pay for both of us to go to university and still have enough money. The only thing I lacked was friends.

Well, Bisola jumped at the offer and I was very glad she did. It was getting late so we stood up and headed home. I took her on a tour around the house. I offered her a room across mine but she said she couldn’t sleep alone. The first few days weren’t so comfortable. Sharing a room was something I never did. Bisola and I were very different people. She was wild and outgoing while I was the quiet one. Although Bisola’s dad was from America and she was raised in the states, she was a typical Nigerian girl. We made the best of summer. We travelled to California for four weeks before school started. Bisola occasionally said a few Yoruba words in between her sentences. I started learning Yoruba as well as how to cook Nigerian dishes. Summer was over and it was time to get on with school. Bisola and I both got admitted to Rice University in Houston. We were both computer science majors and we shared a room. Each day our friendship got stronger. I always gave her everything she wanted and she gave me the one thing I wanted from her, friendship.


2 years later

Bisola has been away for three weeks. She went to Nigeria to attend a wedding. I have been thinking about her a lot since she left. I was missing her so much. I called her like 7 times every day and whenever she didn’t pick I got worried. I even dreamt about her a couple of times. What was happening? What’s all this I’m feeling.

“Christine you love her” I said to myself. Bisola was coming back today. I wanted to do something big for her. When I went to pick her up from the airport, I bought the next flight ticket to Dubai for us. I spoke to a travel agent already and a romantic night had been packaged for us.

We were having dinner at Burj khalifah then Christine called my name. “Bisola I love you” she said. “I love you to babe” I said. She went on her knees and asked me to be her girlfriend. I thought I was dreaming. Tori oloun! What is this? She said she wanted us to be more than friends, get married in the next four years and start a family. I, Bisola Clifford Adesewa, had never been so shocked.

“That will be lovely” I said. From the day I met you Christine, I felt the chemistry between us.

“I love you baby” she said. I love you more Christine. The waiter then arrived with a cake that had #chrisola on it. This was a really hue proposal.

We flew to Paris the next week for our honeymoon as Christine called it. We had our first kiss by the Eiffel tower. So much happened in Paris, the romantic dinners, the shopping, trips to tourist attractions and all. The two weeks were well spent and we were back to Texas. School was starting in a week and it was time to hit the books.

Months passed by and nothing much changed. It was 2013, I was moving to my final year and Christine and I were still together. My birthday was coming up in ten days and I wonder what Christine had prepared for me. Was she going to fly me to mars? I asked myself.

The big day was finally here! I woke up to a live size teddy bear that says “I love you”, a large card a banquet of flowers and the car key to a Bugatti Veyron cost 2.6 million U.S dollars. I couldn’t believe it. Christine and I went shopping then went to the movies before returning home around 4pm. I found a crowd of all my friends in the house. Christine stole my friends contact from my phone and invited them all to the party. This girl loved me too much.

Guess who she also invited. It was kuwais, the son of the vice president, Namadi sambo. This is about to get interesting! There was a lot of food and music at the party. Everyone had a great time and the party was over. Everyone had gone home. Rather almost everyone. Kuwais was still here. He gave me a diamond ring for my birthday and asked if I would marry him. “YES” I screamed. He kissed me goodbye and I knew Christine was watching but I didn’t care.

“Bisola what was that about” she asked

“What was what about” I asked laughing

“Don’t think I didn’t see you. He gave you a ring and he kissed you”

“Ehen so what?” I asked

“Bisola you’re cheating” she yelled

“Babes I’m not” I said. What we had was a joke. “Christine I want to marry a man and give birth to children of my own”. Did you think a beautiful woman like me with such a beautiful body will spend the rest of her life with another woman? I only played along because I had financial needs that you were willing to fulfil.

“Wow Bisola! I fed you, I payed your fees, I provided you shelter and you just want to walk out on our relationship. What happened to us starting our family you slut!” she yelled.

“See Christine I want my children to have a mother and a father not two mothers. As for all that you spent on me, kuwais has taken care of that” I said as I threw a cheque of one-fifty hundred million U.S dollars at her face. “That should cover all that you spent on me and should also enable you buy yourself another lesbian partner” I said running out of the house. Can you imagine the lesbian calling me a slut? Iranu!

“YOU SHALL PAY FOR THIS!!!!” she yelled.

I never met Christine again after that day. I stayed in Houston with kuwais till I graduated. After my graduation, we moved to Nigeria and got married. Well, its 2017 and we have been married for three years with no child. The doctor said we were both fine. I fasted and prayed for many days to no avail. My cousin took me to a babalawo. I told him my problem and he took my right hand. He made some incantations and said someone tied my womb. Who? I asked in tears. He didn’t reply. He just said I should just go and adopt a child because the either the person that tied it or the herbalist that carried out the process had to untie it. IFA told him that it was baba shahs the greatest babalawo in Nigeria that carried out the process and the man died two years ago. The person that tied it died some months back. I requested to see the face of the person that tied my womb. He carried out some incantations while holding a board and told me to look in. WHAT??? I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was Christine’s mother that tied my womb.

Why did she tie my womb? How did she get to Nigeria? How did she get my mother’s maiden name? Rituals like this required ones mother’s maiden name.

The oracle only revealed that Christine’s mother moved back to Texas and found a suicide note left by Christine that explained what happened between me and Christine.


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