Cascade Falls Hike

This weekend, I went hiking the Cascade Falls with Billy and Abigail. Through out the whole hike, Billy was making crazy jumps across rocks and trees. We reached the top and I saw him run across some rocks to the centre of the pool of water. He returned and I thought it will be pretty cool to see those zones. I go off jumping rocks and just before I hit the centre of the pool, I see a rock covered with water and at that moment, I knew I couldn’t make the jump cause tI would slip and fall into water. I asked my friend, Billy how he did it and he said “I’m just awesome at everything” jokingly and I told myself that, if he could make that jump, I could. So I summoned courage and made the jump clearly against all logic. I landed on the rock covered by water and I slipped and fell into the water. I saw my phone fall into the water and I used my plugged in earphones to drag it back to my reach. I made it back to land wet, freezing and worst of all the biggest joke there, cause people were laughing at the hilarious sight. I had to walk two miles, dripping wet and then a 30 minute ride back home.

Although I went through all these horrid things, I learnt a very important lesson that gave me joy that surpassed all the pain. I realized that in life, even in business, there are some times you just have to think from a futuristic perspective when you’re faced with challenges. I mean that, in some situations, you don’t have to prove a point or have foolish courage just like I did at Cascade Falls. If you know logically, that something won’t work, but you just want to send a message to your doubters, it is advisable to back out. Foolish courage is different from faith or self believe.


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