Book Review – Love and God- Oyindamola Depo-Oyedokun

Well guys, this is a first time I’m reviewing a book but well, we all have first times. So, when I was told to give my review, I was so excited cause its a big deal to be considered but then when I read the book I was like “for sure, I’m a star” cause it was way more splendid than I anticipated. What specifically makes me love this book the more, is the realistic nature of it. In the book, the author not only indicates the significance of God in our lives but also portrays the temptations we go through as Christians. Guess what? She just turned 16 and she amasses such level of intelligence, that’s a wowzer. Briefly, I will explain it and the whole theme.

In this book, the main Character, Feyikemi is a Nigerian young lady who lives in America, Dallas to be specific. She tackles between her love life, corporate and most importantly, her spiritual life. She’s tempted with different trials, shattered by heartbreaks and disappointments but alas! she’s not alone in this struggle and search for light. She’s assisted by the best people she can ask for. Will she give in to this craving for sin, lust and the passions of life? As we explore this book, we will uncover the truths of this anecdote that affects not just her, but everyone of us in this our race for life.

To buy the book, check it out at Buy Love and God. Well, GUESS WHAT?! I will be buying copies of this book for 5 of our interested readers and blog loyalists. YAYYYYYY. Ok guys enjoy :*

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