Miss Premiere

First of all, I must apologize for the delay in this post. It isn’t exactly my fault, it’s quite technical. So, I had a virus that wiped out all photos and videos from my card. It was devastating, I actually gave up but a programmer(my brother lol) did some magic and retrieved all the files(but the videos were corrupt, the virus messed up its encoding) I had ever had on the card. So, I had to sort them and with all the Panabali stress, I had to suspend it. Right now I’m free. Almost everyone has traveled so no family stress is on my neck, so I decided to drop this

Note that this is a school life community programme, so there are people of different age groups involved. I’m so sorry my videos cant be displayed. I promise to make it up to you

So on that day, the winner was a fellow blogger like Me, Lucille Giwa Amu (Check Out Her blog Here) and I was so proud of her cause earlier, it seemed like she was the most impossible to win. Taught me a lesson “Don’t be complacent, Life is a Turntable(i.e shit can go wrong lol). Enough talking, lets get these pictures running (see what I did there)


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