So Yeah!! I know you’ve all been waiting on this blogpost and I’m sorry it wasn’t ready yesterday. It is because I’m a very busy guy, but let’s begin

So, Panabali all came about as a joke. I was talking with my friends and I was like “I want to do a tournament. This is my year to make it big” and we all laughed. Later I got together with Seyi(Olageshin) and he told me prices for renting the field . I got back to my friend, Reginald and we planned how it should be. In the course we called on the Co-organizer, Koplamma and we planned it . Along the way my friend and label mate, Michael Giwa joined and we started the official planning and printing  of fliers. I saw it as joke and journey, I was to learn from. I never did it for the money, that was just a sideline. I got to my manager, Loretta and she told me what we could do to make things work. I started designing fliers and went to a printing store, JBE QUICKPRINT and she(the owner) helped me to print all the fliers and tickets(she actually reduced prices cause she just had a likening for me). I went and paid for the venue and tried to project all my needs  (note that I started planning 4 months ago). I got some advice from DMG(Bobby) and then I also got Chelsea to join our campaign. I intentionally didn’t include some people cause I wanted to prove a point(no one is a God in anything, people are replaceable).

Fast forward to real time, a lot of my friends helped me in the promotion(Paul,David,Bolaji,Nnanyere,Aso,Tinu,Amarachi,Jemima,Miracle,Favour,Tobi). Then I started getting bad news and all that and people were still there for me. I had to make some moves which brings me to thanking Vika Williams, Tiara Wada, Sharon Browne Peter, Yunusir, The Unit, A.J , Tony Ameh, Ifeoma Ossai, DJ X , Koplamma, Odaro, Amarachi, Nnamdi, Nere, Hybrid and Tinu who helped me free of charge. Vika advised me on what to do, when I was running at a loss and Amarachi always told me not to worry. If i say I did this alone, I’ll be lying cause i couldn’t do it alone. Maybe I put in money alone but its not always about money! Its about support. I had my friends, family out there to support me. That’s real love. As you can see we had full security, because we value human lives

Today we’ve established not just a tournament, but now a brand. I don’t aim for money, I aim at bringing quality entertainment to Abuja. Watch out for our website and accounts coming out soon. I’m grateful to everyone that showed up, I hope to bring something way better next year. We had our loopholes, so please drop of your comment about our flaws here. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll bring out a video shot by NereIam

Photos just below taken by Tayo and Celia for Tayo Visuals

Below are pictures from NereIam


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