WORDS FROM THE WISE: Episode 1: Meet Sharon Browne Peter

First, I must introduce you to this section of the blog. The aim of this new series of posts, is to render advice to all upcomers in every phase of the art industry on the trials of pursuing certain dreams and what to do when you experience them. It also is on the sideline, a means of entertainment for every viewer.

Today, we would be interviewing the beautiful and eye buzzing model, Sharon Browne Peter. I first heard about her on twitter and then I saw her in Charles Nkanga’s video ‘The Cards’. Then, I heard she was part of the co hosts of the 2014 Goal Abuja Tournament, which I attended. I must tell you she is a very beautiful model that photographers would die for to work with. Today she would lead us through her professional life to the parts of her personal life that many of us do not know about.

sharon brown peters

Good evening, Sharon
How must you feel to have the pioneering interview of the WORDS FROM
THE WISE(name of the section)

Feels great!

What’s your full Name?

Sharon Danielle Imaobong Browne-Peter

State of Origin?
My mum is from Akwa Ibom but my dad actually isn’t Nigerian. He’s from an island in the Caribbean called St. Vincent
What/ Where are you studying
Urban Planning and Real Estate at the University of Westminster IMG_2542 IMG_2542
What’s your view on the need for education
It’s very important in this day and age. Education in all forms helps with daily living.
What motivated you too become a model?
When I got scouted by a make up artist called bookie lavida. We had a photoshoot and it turned out I was actually good at modelling.
Did your family and friends support you?
Did you at any point feel like giving up?
Loads of times. I’m pretty shy in social settings so I felt like I didn’t fit into the industry.
If you did what kept you going?
My friends, they always motivate me.
Are you with a modelling agency
Not yet, I hope to be in one soon
Where do you see modelling for you in the next 7 years
Hopefully in 7 years I won’t be modelling anymore! haha. Within the next 4 years I really want to be in an ad campaign of some sort.
You know now many models are going nude in shoots, Some for fame, Some for the love of art. Can you ever go nude for a shoot?
Nope, you really don’t have to go nude to break into the modelling industry.
Do you think the modelling industry in Nigeria is at its peak?
Not even close! Models are basically human hangers lol. If the Nigerian fashion industry isn’t at its peak, then how would the modelling industry? I wish there were more Legit modelling agencies in Nigeria so more beautiful faces could be scouted.
What’s your view on religion?
Super important to me! Not cause I gain a lot, but because it takes away a lot, such as despair and depression.
IMG_2544 IMG_2545
Awkwardest thing you do, that people don’t know?
Haha I’m pretty awkward in general.
What do you do when you’re not modelling?
I’m either crying into my collection of coursework or reading, hanging with friends, watching a series or shopping/eating
I have a couple of friends who want to be models but they have faced requirement
challenges, what’s your advice for them?
There is always someone to model for, just keep searching!
So what should your fans like me, be expecting from you?
A lot more amazing shoots!
Social Media?
Twitter/Instagram: @sharonbpeter

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