The Rural Reachout Series

This depicts the poor government presence in our rural areas


Hey guys, First of all I must apologize for not blogging in months. Times have been hard(school,time,busy working always). So for that I’ll give you a personal view of my life before we begin.

Had My cousins over and we had hella fun. I made them Indomie as a badass chef. Could have cooked better but i was tired lol. I got to be younger cause the secret of being a baby’s man is stooping to their level. I got them to watch Shrek cause i wanted to do some throw back stuff lol. Otherside by my second brother Meezy will be out on Friday. Do wait on it

Now down to the Main Business for the day, I’ve decided to start an outlook to show things are in the rural areas of Nigeria.I call it “The Rural Reachout” series Overtime, I hope to use this as a fundraiser to carry out projects in those respective areas. I know it might seem like a waste of time, but I feel its high time we start thinking of making Nigeria a better place for everyone and not ourselves.

Here is the rural area of Gwandaras, a local area in the F.C.T. They are historically known for blacksmithing. When people hear of Abuja they think of the fine, nearly world class infrastructure of places like Wuse, Maitama, Garki, but they forget the likes of these noble rural areas in which the people struggle to survive. Here you will see the poor presence of the government in their lives. Lets shoot

I arrived the location in a new Bugatti, but i trekked almost a kilometer to take candid shots of the surrounding.

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