Nissmun- Day 6 (La Finale) + Video

When i checked my stats today i had over 5,000 views and i want to say a big thank you to you, cause you all made this happen.I remember when I started this website, some people asked me ‘Why do you need one?’ and i refused to reply, cause a wise friend once told me ‘Success is the best revenge and answer.’ We had low views and then I strategised how to work out a viewer attraction and God gave me, but this is just the beginning of it. I love Loretta so much, I mean she’s the best manager a human needs. Come back tomorrow for the total slide preview. As for today? Enjoy the video below (PS I lost my voice campaigning, so I sound rather high(I was so happy) but I’m not )

So today, we were woken up with loud bangs from our ever angry supervisor. We dressed and got to the lobby and waited for the bus to load. i took a stroll to meet my madam, Amita. Everyone said their goodbyes to their newly-made friends. I mean I made a lot of friends, that I cant remember some again

We set off to school with half tears, everyone missed the NISSMUN. Though stressful, we had the time of lives. We went to Drumstix to get some food. When we got to school we got so much love from everyone and we felt so special……………………. till we heard we had C.A test the next day.


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