NIssmun – Day 5

Hello people, I must say a huge thank you for continuously keeping up, please check out tomorrow’s post, cause its the last day and we have a video for you all. I want to thank Loretta Nsa a lot. She’s been more than a friend and she’s family to me, as well as all those who have been sharing this, I love you tbh. I want to give Photo Cred of some photos to :Loretta Nsa, David Agoye,Nafisa Butu and Paul Enidom

Today was the most interesting day ever. We had our last committee sessions and i took photos of all my committee members(I must admit I miss them, they were so cooperative).I also made new friends like Tomisin, Grace and Silvia. After that we headed out for the Secretary general voting. Immediately it was time, our team of campaigners(Qudus,Godspower and I) mobilized to ensure the only Premiere Candidate(Fatima) for the exams made it. I was down to give my all to ensure i cheated the system back for cheating me. We set out to convince people(telling them Fatima would call them later,I offered out Shawarmas for votes and spoke to my many friends). Things went on plan, but alas when the candidates that passed were called Fatima wasn’t called. Rather they called only 10 candidates instead of 10 to sabotage Premiere. Everyone turned on me and asked “Where is your Fatima” and i Replied “Calm Guys”. After a heavy debacle, she was called and the voting began, which resulted as a tie, with some guy that seemed too intellectual cause he had done this 5 times(5 years a delegate). There was a reelection and we won but the Director of Nissmun said it was a tie(for reasons I’ll state tomorrow). Following this He ordered the usage of results where Fatima would have lost by a mark and the we viciously protested and He suggested 2 Sec. Gens. That was how it ended, and in triumph we set out to the pool to have an amazing time. It was Onye’s birthday, so we had cakes. I didn’t swim cause I was too cool to. I just chilled with my realest, Loretta and Wofai, while everyone else had a blast. We were also visited by Nafisa, Jimmy and a friend.

After pooling, we had the dinner where everyone looked amazing and spectacular. There were amazing performances and I won 2 awards. Stay tuned. Thanks.


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