Nissmun – Day 4

Before I brief you on any Nissmun details, I’ll love to explain why I was late today. I ran into some argument with my mom and it took hella my time and watermarking all these photos is a very time-consuming job, so I got some stupid reap off app that put their own watermark.Yeah that’s it, I guess I’ll just stick to my Photoshop.

So, this was a Tuesday, the day I was meant to write the Secretary General exam, I read excessively the night before. I was confident I was gonna pass. So we chilled, thrilled and I met a lot of people, in order to garner more votes. I was so brave and i felt i could approach and talk to them. Chilling with my guys(Bolaji,David,Nafisa,Paul, Jimmy and Loretta), they announced the names for the exam and I was shocked not to hear my name.I knew there was some foul play cause my letter was supremely credible, well nonetheless, I still went in to write the exam 😀 and lo and behold the person I trusted, was the one who ratted me out and ordered my throwing out. In a shitty mood, I left and went back to the hall for delegates and i dared the directors to come and tell me not to use my electronics and no one dared to come near me.Later on, I just decided to let it go, after all that’s what happens in life when you’re not important in your society #LessonsLearnt #Successfirst .After all the drama saga, we had our cultural night and in the process, they took light(wow and i thought it was an Intra-National event) and there was a blackout for 4 hours. This forced used to shut down the event and retire to our rooms


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